December 3, 2015

Compare Charity Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

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Image credits: Paying you minibus premiums monthly can be more costly than if paid annually,  article features easy ways to reduce your minibus annual insurance. The more of these that you can either implement or abide by will result an increased reduction in your minibus insurance premium.

  • Follow the rules of the road– The point system was introduced to make it easier to apply fines for breaking the driving codes. They have different categories from speeding to drink and driving. These show on you license and are a tell tale sign that you are a higher risk than a driver with a clean license. By obeying the highway code you will benefit from reduced premiums
  • Drive carefully – Unfortunately following the rules is not enough. To reduce your insurance substantially it needs more of a collective approach. Accidents do happen, but if you are the cause the insurer has to pay out more which in turn leads to your premium increasing when the time comes to renew your minibus polic
  • Vehicle Type - Choosing the correct vehicle can also effect the insurance costs as vehicles are put into different insurance brackets which are calculated on many different factors. By choosing the correct vehicle for the job instead of buying a vehicle with features that will be useless for your purposes you could also reduce the cost of your premium. If you only need 10 seats why buy a 17 seater minibus for example.
  • Named Drivers – Whilst this may be impractical it does help to reduce the number of named drivers
  • Voluntary Excess– This is the easiest approach by accepting a higher excess also know as driver liability the insurer will in return receive a lower the premium, a win for both if you the drive carefully and avoid and prangs.
  • Storage – We briefly touched on this above, but providing a secure enclosed parking area such as a garage will be reflected in a reduced premium

Compare Charity Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

  • Security - Never try and cover up any previous offences or misdemeanors as they will come back to haunt you should you be involved in a accident . Waking to the reality that you are not covered does happen and it is not very pleasant. So whilst it may be tempting. in the long run it could well be very expensive.
  • When Not to Claim – Every claim that you make will affect the renewal premium cost, as such on some occasion it may be worth while absorbing the cost in order to gain when the annual policy renewal arrives. You can also buy cover to cover your no claims , what will they think of next to get more money off us.
  • Compare Quotes- Not every insurance broker is the same and the weight they add to the above factors does vary and only by getting at least 5 quotes will you be in a position to see that changing your broker will save you and your family money.

Compare Charity Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

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