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Taxi Minibus Insurance

Protect your minibus today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Minibus insurance ages 21 - 75
  • Personal 9 & 8 Seater MPV's
  • Cover for any mileage required
  • Quotes from leading insurers
  • Private hire & Personal use
  • Pay Monthly 0ption

Do I need hire and reward insurance for my mpv or minibus ?

If you are confused or unsure ask yourself the following question. Do you use your MPV or minibus for hire and reward? If answer is yes then you do need mpv taxi insurance. Standard minibus insurance for domestic and social use will not cover you.

Public or private hire taxis

Cover is available for both public and private hire minibus or MPVs as  defined below.

  • Public Hire - Refers to taxis that can be hailed down with out advance booking
  • Private Hire - In comparison these must be booked in advance.
taxi minibus insurance

Get multiple taxi insurance quotes online

Many taxi firms prefer an MPV or minibuses over the standard saloon or estate vehicle. If your are using your minibus to ferry customer it is important to have the right level of cover in place. By sending you quotation details to multiple taxi minibus insurance brokers and underwriters we provide you with a choice of premium quotes with varying conditions attached. These are sent via email so that you can read over in your own time and choose the best fit to your taxi or chauffeur business.

Ways to reduce taxi minibus insurance

Many factors are used to determine the cost of cover. One of the most important is your history of claims. Low or no claims will be rewarded with a reduced insurance premium. We have listed other factors and steps that you can take now that will bring down your insurance costs.

  • Add extra security features to deter theft or vandalism. Any gadgets that you add must comply to the UK insurance industry standards.
  • Agree a higher excess with your broker in return for a lower insurance premium
  • Make sure all your drivers have a clean driving history and if possible ensure they are all over 25 
  • Reduce Accidents : Train your drivers to drive safely and follow these minibus driving safety tips

Some factors are used that you or your business will have no control over. A good example is your business post code. City post codes will always attract a higher premiums than rural or smaller towns or hamlets. Why? Less risk of theft and accident based on statistical information.

Get quotes now

Start the process now of finding a better quote for your new minibus or Multi purpose vehicle, renewals are also a good time to use this online comparative service, it may give your current broker a bit of a shock resulting in a reduced premium quote. You may know that brokers reserve their best rates for potential new business so don't get stuck with one broker go and compare the market each time policy renewal time comes around.

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