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Compare Sports Club Minibus Insurance

Protect your minibus today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Minibus insurance ages 21 - 75
  • Cover on an ‘any driver’ basis
  • Cover for any mileage required
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  • Private hire & Personal use
  • School, Nursing Home, Sports...

Sports Club Minibus Insurance

Your insurance quote will be based on a number of factors, that can collectively be called the risk factor. The risk factor determines how expensive or cheap your cover will be. However you do have some control over this for example if the minibus is parked overnight in a secure area this will undoubtedly reduce the risk and thus the cost. An other obvious method is to ensure minibus is fitted with latest immobiliser and tracking technology. To help you further we have complied a top 10 list of risk reduction techniques to lower your premium. Which you may read here.

Sports Minubus Insurance for any Sports Club Type

We offer minibus insurance cover all types of sports club. The following list whilst not exhaustive highlights some of the most frequent requests we receive from sports clubs:

  • golf clubs
  • athletic clubs
  • cricket clubs
  • boxing clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Football clubs

How Does it Work?

After selecting the Quick Quote button you will will move to the online insurance quote inquiry form. The form is minimal requesting only the necessary information required to provide you with a quote for insurance cover. If you need to save on your minibus insurance we have excellent rates that are just one click away. All the minibus insurance for sports clubs are underwritten by the best and trusted mini bus insurer brokers in the UK.

Ways to Keep Premium Costs Down

  • If your sports outings are few and far between let the insurer know this as a policy based on miles driven could work to your advantage also known as pay as you go insurance.
  • How many seats to you need? The fewer seats the lower the cost to cover as such give this detail attention when purchasing a club minibus.
  • When off the road is the club vehicle parked in a secure location? Secure parking will normally lead to a better quote as they are at less risk of being stolen.
  • Any driver policies will be more expensive than named driver only. As such consider this and in addition the age of the drivers and if possible limit this to age 25 and above.

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