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School or College Minibus Cover Online Quotes

school minibus insurance

We can offer online insurance quotes for both schools and colleges that have one or more minibuses operating within the school minibus operational guidelines. Discounts are normally available for minibus fleets, please select the quick quote option and provide all the requested details plus any additional details such as number of  mini-buses in the fleet, age of drivers and any additional information that will help reduce the annual premium. Please see some suggestions below on how to reduce premium costs.  

How Can I Reduce my Premium?

Most school now own or operate a bus service. They have many uses for example they enable pupils to attend and participate in out of school events, visit local museums and provide transport for pupils to and from school. The list is far from exhaustive, the many uses of the school minibus means that during a school term the minibus will be used extensively as such it is important to provide proper training to the driver or drivers. For more information on safety and training, please refer to leaflet published by the schools org minibus driving standards . First select the Quick Quote button and compare mini bus quotes quickly with over 20 of the best UK brokers that include  Aviva (Norwich Union), Tradex, HBCS, Brit, A-Plan and many others.

School Minibus Drivers Take Note.

Ensure a Section 19 permit has been obtained if one is needed; ● hold the appropriate full car driving licence to do so; ● be at least 21 years old; ● be insured to drive the vehicle in question; ● not drive a minibus with more than 16 passenger seats ● have held a full driving licence for at least two years when driving a minibus under a Section 19

More information available from the Teachers Organisation

Types of Cover Available

  • The legal minimum to drive on the UK road network is third party, which offer cover the third party.
  • Third party cover can be supplemented by adding fire and theft protection. 
  • Fully comprehensive is top level cover providing protection both your self and any third party. 
5 Reasons to Buy a Minibus
Ample room to carry passengers along with their luggage without compromising comfort even a bit. They’re designed and especially built to carry heavy weight safely and comfortably. Most will allow you to remove their rear seats, enabling you to get seat configurations that you need for your specific needs. The seats also can be moved in order to accommodate wheelchairs.
Tips to Lower Your Minibus Fuel Consumption
Fuel prices are rising and it doesn’t appear that that is going to change anytime soon. While there is nothing the average driver can do about this, there are indeed a few ways that you can save on fuel consumption and thus save money.
New VW Minibus
VW is pushing hard to become the leading manufacturer of all electric vehicles with rumours that they may build their very own mega battery plant to provide the power to run these vehicles. In so doing they are putting distance between them and the recent Volkswagen diesel engine scam. Below we have listed some of the new concepts for their futuristic Kombi people transporter come cargo van that have been unveiled to the public at the recent Paris motor show.
Minibus Insurance Average Cost
Over time this vehicle category has gained increased popularity in the private sector, given the current drive quality which is now similar to driving a car plus the the capability to seat from 9 to 16 people in comfort makes the purchase of a people carrier in the UK an attractive option over the traditional car. The average cost has also increased steadily.
Any Driver Minibus Insurance
Taking out an any driver policy offers obvious advantages, but at the same time will likely increase the cost of your annual policy. Another option to consider is only named drivers . Named drivers can normally be any age over 21 to over 75. The number of named drivers is normally capped at 3 but does vary from underwriter to underwriter.
Minibus driving safety tips
You should also inspect your people carrier regularly. Before embarking on any trip, ensure that you inspect it, checking the brakes, oil, water, and lights among other important parts to ensure that they are in the best working condition or level.