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Private Minibus Insurance

Protect your minibus today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Minibus insurance ages 21 - 75
  • Cover on an ‘any driver’ basis
  • Cover for any mileage required
  • Quotes from leading insurers
  • Private hire & Personal use
  • School, Nursing Home, Sports...

Compare Private Minibus Insurance / Family Minibus Insurance

The minibus provides an easy to transport small groups of people to events or a day excursion. Because of its range of uses it is a popular choice for social and domestic use.  Minibus insurance for social domestic use can be expensive. To help find the best deal on private minibus insurance get a range of quotes from UK insurance brokers and start comparing your options.

What you Need to Know when Comparing Private Minibus Insurance

Private Insurance like other auto cover products comes in three forms. Fully comprehensive, third party and third party only with fire and theft included. The cost will be determined by both the type of cover, but also the value of the minibus. In plain terms the more expensive the vehicle then the more expensive to provide insurance cover. MPV’s with fewer seats will be cheaper than for example a 12 seater minibuses. As a result please complete all details to ensure your final mini bus insurance quote is the cheapest possible. 

Private minibus insurance additional extras

With most private hire minibus insurance policies, you can add breakdown cover to make sure you’re not left stranded should your minibus break down. Cover is also available for driving abroad. Whilst probably not required in your normal work routine, it may be useful during holidays enabling to tour Europe. When choosing what to include and exclude be careful to not over insure or worst still under insure

  • Windscreen damage : This can be added to your policy,but do check for a local provider of this service as contracting direct with them may work out cheaper,
  • Taxi fleet insurance : If you operate a fleet of minibuses then the fleet policy is better suited than individual polices.
  • Black Box: Installation of devices to monitor your drivers can provide valuable evidence to support a lower premium or in fact raise your premium. Do provide training tom improve the driving skills were appropriate.
private -domestic-Minibus-insurance

When it's time to find private family minibus insurance online it’s a good idea to compare the costs from a multitude of specialist underwriters that deal in this niche market. Below are some of the many factors used by the underwriter to determine your policy premium, some of these who have no control over for example your post code. Unfortunately if it is a city code you will pay more than an urban or small town code. Why? Statistically more road accidents and crime occurs in built up areas.

How to reduce private hire minibus insurance

The cost to purchase is directly related to the cost to cover. Vans that are cheapest will fall into the lowest insurance category bracket with more expensive models falling into the higher brackets. Those in the higher brackets will have higher costs to repair and replace and underwriter will offset this by quoting a higher premium.In addition to the 10 ways to lower your minibus insurance premium we have listed ones that you can easily implement below.

  • The cost of the minibus plays a big factor, the more expensive the higher the insurance premium
  • Have you or your drivers a good history on no or low claims against the underwriter. If you have 2-3 years without making a claim this help reduce the premium cost 
  • if you can ensure all drivers are over 25 this to will impact positively on the final premium
  • Alternatively you could look at increasing the policy excess making yourself more liable for any claims and also helping reducing the premium as you are taking some of the risk. 

Compare Private Minibus Insurance Quotes