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Nursing Home Minibus

Nursing HomeMinibus

Minibuses or MPV's that are used to transport patients to and from nursing homes need the correct insurance in addition drivers of these buses must be registered  with the DVLA as well as having the right level of cover. If anything untoward was to happen and you didn’t have the correct cover then your livelihood could be at risk.

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To save money on insurance costs it is important to compare prices by getting multiple quotes and then comparing prices and cover level for your nursing home mini-bus cover. This can be done easily online. How? Select the By clicking the green Quick Quote button and receive quotes from a panel of 20 plus insurance specialists. The panel of underwriters include well know brands that include Aviva (Norwich Union), Tradex, HBCS, Brit, A-Plan and many others. Quotes will arrive in your inbox after completing a simply inquiry for, all you have to do is select the policy that’s right for you. Its is quick and simple so not get started now!.

Unlike companies whose vehicles are on the road daily, such as taxi businesses, organisations that only occasionally use their minibus often times can benefit from lower premiums for the simple reason that they represent a better insurance risk. Many residential care homes, day care centres, old people's homes, and hospices fall into this category.

All care homes, including those run by charities or non-profit organisations, are required by law to maintain correct levels of public liability insurance, as well as appropriate cover for the property itself, the care home staff and any supplies.

It should be noted that a minibus can be either a purpose-built vehicle or a conversion from a van. In general, most minibuses have at least nine seats including that of the driver, and a seating capacity of seventeen passengers. A minibus that has had any seats removed must legally be re-registered with the DVLA stating its correct new seating capacity. Also, its logbook will need to be amended prior to an insurance policy being granted.

Nursing homes that care for the elderly and infirmed, can have their insurance policy specially tailored to their requirements. A knowledgeable insurance broker that fully understands the nature of the nursing home profession will be able to provide appropriate care home minibus insurance cover at a cost effective premium.

Can you advise any additional training our drivers should receive?

In cases where an additional driving  minivan or people carrier driving test been required, it is advised to have your drivers good assessed and trained in passenger safety necessary when in charge of a mini bus containing passengers. MiDAS which stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme are able to provides an assessment programme in tandem with any necessary extra training for both MPV and mini van drivers. They also provide training for smaller transport vehicles including cars. Further information available from web site

5 Reasons to Buy a Minibus
Ample room to carry passengers along with their luggage without compromising comfort even a bit. They’re designed and especially built to carry heavy weight safely and comfortably. Most will allow you to remove their rear seats, enabling you to get seat configurations that you need for your specific needs. The seats also can be moved in order to accommodate wheelchairs.
Tips to Lower Your Minibus Fuel Consumption
Fuel prices are rising and it doesn’t appear that that is going to change anytime soon. While there is nothing the average driver can do about this, there are indeed a few ways that you can save on fuel consumption and thus save money.
New VW Minibus
VW is pushing hard to become the leading manufacturer of all electric vehicles with rumours that they may build their very own mega battery plant to provide the power to run these vehicles. In so doing they are putting distance between them and the recent Volkswagen diesel engine scam. Below we have listed some of the new concepts for their futuristic Kombi people transporter come cargo van that have been unveiled to the public at the recent Paris motor show.
Minibus Insurance Average Cost
Over time this vehicle category has gained increased popularity in the private sector, given the current drive quality which is now similar to driving a car plus the the capability to seat from 9 to 16 people in comfort makes the purchase of a people carrier in the UK an attractive option over the traditional car. The average cost has also increased steadily.
Any Driver Minibus Insurance
Taking out an any driver policy offers obvious advantages, but at the same time will likely increase the cost of your annual policy. Another option to consider is only named drivers . Named drivers can normally be any age over 21 to over 75. The number of named drivers is normally capped at 3 but does vary from underwriter to underwriter.
Minibus driving safety tips
You should also inspect your people carrier regularly. Before embarking on any trip, ensure that you inspect it, checking the brakes, oil, water, and lights among other important parts to ensure that they are in the best working condition or level.

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