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Nursery School Home Minibus Insurance 

Minibuses or MPV's that are used for the carriage to and from children's nurseries need the correct type of minibus insurance in addition drivers of these buses must be registered  with the DVLA.  Driving for hire or reward requires an operators licence Hire or reward is in legal jargon "any payment made for, or on behalf of a passenger to give them the right to be carried on a vehicle".  This can include school fees or even voluntary donations toward nursery school outing and in once case donations from friends of the school

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One benefit we all find with the internet is that it actually helps us as consumers save money, we can now shop and compare multiple online quotes easily. We provide this same service by sharing your nursery mini bus requirements with multiple UK specialist brokers, currently 20 plus and growing. The panel of underwriters include well know brands that include Aviva (Norwich Union), Tradex, HBCS, Brit, A-Plan and many others. Quotes will start arriving into you inbox sometimes within minutes sometimes less than 10 minutes. How do I get a quote? Select the Quick Quote button and complete one simply online inquiry form! Why Wait get multiples quotes now.  

Can you advise any additional training our drivers should receive?

Yes additional training is advisable and will also help to reduce premium costs and in some case is required by the law. For a comprehensive guide on training available and your responsibilities please visit Midas and web site. For the complete range of cover that we can offer owners of minivans please return to the the minibus insurance home page 

Some ways to reduce your nursery school minibus Insurance premium Include

Following our tips on how to lower minibus fuel consumption along with the additional tips to lower your school minibus insurance. 

  • Pay As You Go: If you only use your vehicle occasionally for example at weekends it may be worth considering an insurance policy that is based on miles driven. Less time on the road equates to lower risk for the underwriter which leads to a reduced premium quote.
  • Black Box: This approach is growing in popularity and consists of recording how good or bad the driver is. Good drivers will be rewarded with future discounts conversely if the recorded information shows the driver is a high risk your premium will increase or in extreme cases the insurance company may decide your are too high a risk to continue to cover. 
  • Improve Security: Can you add additional security devices that are approved by the UK insurance industry? Can you provide safe overnight parking? If answer is yes to either then this will help lower your perceived risk and should result in a discounted premium.
  • No Claims: Have you a good history of no claims? If not work on improving this as this is an important factor used to determine your risk of making a claim against the minibus insurer provider.
  • Training : Driver training can improve your driving skills of you and any drivers that you employ. This shoudl lead to safer driving and ultimately less insurance claims against your policy.

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