New VW Minibus

Volkswagen to Launch All New Minibus in 2020

VW is pushing hard to become the leading manufacturer of all electric vehicles with rumours that they may build their very own mega battery plant to provide the power to run these vehicles. In so doing, they are putting distance between them and the recent Volkswagen diesel engine scam. Below we have listed some of the new concepts for their futuristic Kombi minibus come cargo van that has been unveiled to the public at the recent Paris motor show. 

  • The interior will be modular enabling easy conversion from a minibus to a cargo van with front and rear seats folding down to provide additional space. Expected to be able to seat 6 passengers plus driver, or 7 passengers should you select the self drive mode.
new vw minibus

Credit: Scott Collie/New Atlas

VW DashBoard

all new dashboard

  • It will feature an augmented reality dashboard that will project an image that will appear to be in front of the vehicle overlaid with the road ahead.
  • Range it is expected to cover 600 km's on one charge. Charging time is an amazing 30 minutes on either a plugin charging system or via an inductive wireless charging system.
  • Two things that made both the Kombi and original Beetle so popular were their simplicity and affordability. These 2 attributes are missing in this new VW vehicle, but it retains the characteristics of the original Kombi when viewed from the outside.  This will be one amazing minibus that will take a lot of beating.
Old and NEW Kombi VW

Source Volkswagaon

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