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Minibus Insurance Average Cost

What is the average cost of minibus insurance 

The UK law states that any vehicle on the road must be insured and that includes all possible forms of transport, cars minibuses and private hire taxis to name a few. Minibus insurance will in general cover damage that could happen to your vehicle and depending on the policy may also provide medical expense cover for parties involved in the accident.

Over time minibuses have gained increased popularity in the private sector, given the current drive quality which is now similar to driving a car plus the the capability to seat from 9 to 16 people in comfort makes the purchase of a minibus in the UK an attractive option over the traditional car.

A mini bus can be used for a variety of purposes - school, social, family or for public hire. Whatever the purpose it is essential that you have the correct level of protection to protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. Discounts are sometimes available depending on the purpose. Reduced premiums may apply if the mini bus is used for charitable or non profit reasons.

The costs of minibus insurance can be expensive. However, some steps can be taken to reduce the premium costs. Start by providing secure overnight parking and limiting the drivers to a predefined list. It is also worth noting that drivers under 25 can attract a higher premium. By not including unders 25's your policy cost will be reduced.

For occasionally minibus use, it may also be worth considering pay as you go insurance. If that is not an option introducing black boxes may lead to a future reduction. If the telemetrics show that the minibus is being driven with care then you may qualify for future discounts.

For operators of more than one minibus or a mixed fleet of minibuses, fleet policies are available and should work out cheaper than insuring vehicles individually. If the intended purpose is for profit as in public or private hire then the insurance specific to that use must be taken out.

Opting for a higher excess should also bring down the cost of insurance. If you are buying a new minibus take time to compare the base insurance costs as these can vary from one manufacturer to another. Also take into account the average costs to repair each vehicle type. A ford minibus for example may be cheaper to ensure than a vehicle that is manufactured abroad. The reason being that replacements parts are less expensive than foreign imports.

As with all vehicle insurance 3 levels of cover are provided by UK underwriters as listed below:

  • Third party cover
  • Third party plus fire and theft protection
  • Comprehensive, which in addition to the former offers cover for your own vehicles and self

Extra such as breakdown cover, windscreen, under body, cover for driving in Europe should also be considered at renewal time to beef up your policy.

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Any Driver Minibus Insurance

Any Driver Minibus Insurance

Any Driver Minibus Insurance

Any driver minibus insurance offers obvious advantages, but at the same time will likely increase the cost of your minibus insurance policy. Another option to consider is named driver minibus insurance. Named drivers can normally be any age over 21 to over 75. 

How many named drivers can I add?

The number of named drivers is normally capped at 3 but does vary from underwriter to underwriter. The condition of a minibus be it a second-hand purchase or a newly purchased one, doesn’t matter in seeking an any driver minibus insurance policy.

It is more important to have coverage the moment a minibus hits the road. There are lot of coverage offers. This can vary from all types of minibuses. It can be a minibus used as a shuttle for a college or university, charity, church, care home of scout group to name a few examples.

Driver minibus insurance policy prospects are often mistakenly issued a van insurance. If one was issued the latter you do not have proper cover. Not having the correct type of cover is the same with not having insurance coverage at all. 

We can provide you or your business with quotes that cover all types of minibuses plus mpv insurance. 

Now going back to online underwriting services. Driver minibus insurance policies varies in coverage. A comprehensive driver minibus insurance may include coverage for theft or third party fires. 

Cover available for both minibuses and MPV's

We not only deal with minibuses we can also provide you with competitive mpv insurance quotes. MPVs can be used for domestic personal use or business, for example providing ahire and reward service

There are also standard negotiable benefits for most minibus insurance policy holders. This may or may not include the following offers. Among the basic benefits are new vehicle replacement, free legal service and advice. A European coverage extension and free emergency helpline to name a few.

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Tell me 10 Ways I can reduce my Minibus Insurance Policy

Tips to lower the cost of minibus insurance

Below we have compiled a list of actions that if followed can bring don the cost of minibus insurance

Follow the rules of the road– The point system was introduced to make it easier to apply fines for breaking the driving codes. They have different categories from speeding to drink and driving. These show on you license and are a tell tale sign that you are a higher risk than a driver with a clean license. By obeying the highway code you will benefit from reduced premiums

Drive carefully –  In addition to following the rules you need to drive with care and be able to take preventative action quickly. If you drive for a living then you should consider ongoing training in road safety. Online training is also available to help with your reactions to oncoming hazards.

Vehicle Insurance Category - Choosing the correct vehicle can also affect the insurance costs as vehicles are put into different insurance brackets which are calculated on many different factors. The biggest factor is the number of seats. The more seats the more expensive to insure. As such if you only need a maximum of 9 seats do not buy a 12 seater. 9 seater minibus insurance will be much cheaper that the 12 seater.

Named Drivers – Whilst this may be impractical it does help to reduce the number of named drivers

Voluntary Excess – Agree with your broker to increase the excess for a lower insurance premium.

Secure Parking – Providing secure parking will reduce risk of theft or damage and as a result your insurance premium. If able provide secure enclosed parking off road in a garage for example.

Reduce number of claims -  Every claim that you make will affect the renewal premium cost, as such on some occasion it may be worth while absorbing the cost in order to gain when the annual policy renewal arrives. 

Compare Quotes - Not every insurance broker is the same and the weight they add to the above factors does vary. The best approach is to get multiple quotes from a range of brokers. Do this not only when you first purchase your minibus, but at each renewal date.

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