Best Club Minibus

Choosing the Best club Minibus

The best club minibus to be used to transport your group is partially dependent on the number of club members you have. For clubs that own their own minibus you will need cheap minibus insurance. This is also true if you are using an MPV as you club minibus. The insurance will insure that any passengers are fully protected just in case of an accident.

What is the Right Size minibus for My Club?

Picking the correct size sports club minibus will help to keep the cost of buying, operating and insuring the vehicle down to a minimum. Minibuses can have as few seats as 15 all the way up to 35. It is more economical and safer to have one large minibus than it is to operate several smaller ones. Just in case your club expands, there should be a few seats extra to accommodate the new members when choosing the right size. If you need to buy a new or a second hand minibus that is large maybe these frugal driving tips will belp you lower the fuel costs.

Why is a Minibus Safer than a Van?

It is true vans can accommodate up to 12 passengers, but they were initially designed to transport items for tradesmen. Minibuses were designed solely for the transportation of people. Because of the way a minibus is constructed, the passenger area is designed for maximum safety for them.

  • Minibuses have dual rear wheels which minimizes the possibility of the vehicle rolling over in case of a tire blowout or accident.
  • The passenger compartment is a reinforced steel cage to protect the occupants when the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Why is a Minibus more comfortable than a Van?

Because the minibus is designed for human transport, the layout of the interior is more accommodating so passengers are more comfortable during the trips.

  • This includes a center aisle instead of an aisle to one side
  • Bucket seats are also generally used in minibuses where vans have bench seats.
  • On average the ceiling in a minibus is nearly 2 feet higher than in a van.
  • The entry steep is lower on a minibus than a van for easier access.

What are the Extra Amenities a Minibus has verses a Van?

Both will have air conditioning and a radio, but that is where the similarities end. Minibuses have overhead storage on most models so the seating area is less cluttered and more comfortable. They can also be fitted with flat screen TVs to help keep the occupant entertained on long trips. Many of the minibuses are also equipped with Wi-Fi devices to help keep the passengers connected.

What Type of Insurance is needed to operate a Minibus?

There is a special minibus insurance policy available to protect not only the vehicle, but also the passengers and their property. Once you have decided on the right size minibus for your club, one of our independent minibus insurance brokers can assist you in finding the right coverage to meet your needs. This makes it possible to have the coverage you needed at the price you can afford.

If you are using your minibus as a business you should also consider taking separate cover for minibus breakdown cover. Keeping breakdown separator will give you more options than direct inclusion in your standard policy

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