Any Driver Minibus Insurance

Any Driver Minibus Insurance

Any driver minibus insurance offers obvious advantages, but at the same time will likely increase the cost of your minibus insurance policy. Another option to consider is named driver minibus insurance. Named drivers can normally be any age over 21 to over 75. 

How many named drivers can I add?

The number of named drivers is normally capped at 3 but does vary from underwriter to underwriter. The condition of a minibus be it a second-hand purchase or a newly purchased one, doesn’t matter in seeking an any driver minibus insurance policy.

It is more important to have coverage the moment a minibus hits the road.  This can vary from all types of minibuses. It can be a minibus used as a shuttle for a college or university, charity, church, care home of scout group to name a few examples.

Driver minibus insurance policy prospects are often mistakenly issued a van insurance. If one was issued the latter you do not have proper cover. Not having the correct type of cover is the same with not having insurance coverage at all. 

We can provide you or your business with quotes that cover all types of minibuses plus MPV insurance

Now going back to online underwriting services. Driver minibus insurance policies varies in coverage. A comprehensive driver minibus insurance may include coverage for theft or third party fires. 

Cover available for both minibuses and MPV's

We not only deal with minibuses we can also provide you with competitive MPV insurance quotes. MPVs can be used for domestic personal use or business, for example providing a hire and reward service

There are also standard negotiable benefits for most minibus insurance policyholders. This may or may not include the following offers. Among the basic benefits are new vehicle replacement, free legal service and advice. A European coverage extension and free emergency helpline to name a few.

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