Olli Self Driving Minibus

A Minibus is the first Autonomous Vehicle AV

Times are a changing, we have reached a pivotal stage in the the transport sector the battle between driver and computer controlled autonomous vehicles ( AVs). Would you jump on board a driverless Driverless minibus? What would the future be like would it cause more congestion on our roads, a move from the city to nearby urban locations. Will the idea of single auto ownership be a thing of the past with transports costs shared based on usage. Has artificial intelligence reached that stage we can safely drive and negotiate the unknown. When they talk will it make sense? Lets hope so. Cars and minibuses lose money so could this be the future pay as you go? How will underwriters calculate the minibus insurance quotes without any data?


So many questions that will soon be answered with the pilot of Olli by an Arizona based automobile tech company. Add to this that it is a 3 d printed and can accolades up to 12 passengers and incorporate Watson ( IBM cloud-based technology ) to help plan routes, answer questions and give advice to visitors on the best place to dine around Washington harbor. The self driving shuttle can be hailed by Smartphone, however it will at all times be monitored by a human from a remote . It is currently seen as an additional form of transport or minibus taxi service.

One one side these could congestion in cities and their suburbs, the big plus a network of shared AV’s could reduce motoring costs for all of us if desired. Commuting in an AV for day to day activities and your personal auto reserved for family trips, annual holidays or other important occasions when personal transport is the most suited from of transportation. Some have herald it as a solution for that getting to or from the mass transit system the so called last mile problem. The is now a reality with places like Holland, China and Beverley hills looking a t a wide range of transport solutions using future high tech technology making the real of self – driving automobile and minibuses a day to day reality.

Like all new technologies the effect on the job market must be considered , how this effect the many bus and minibus drivers , could it become a a monopoly letting operators charge expensive fees? It will happen but there are many questions that we as citizens, cities and companies must consider to ensure no one losses out as we march or should I say drive forwards. Olli will be first of many emerging solutions to the complexity of transportation needs in crowded cities and urban tranquility.

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