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9 to 17 Seater Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

Can you Provide Insurance Cover for a 9 Seater Minibus ?

9 Seater Minibus Insurance

We can quote for family MPV's and Minibuses for private and business uses with different seating arrangements that include 9, 10 , 11 and 12 seater and larger 17 seater mini buses. Simple add that extra detail when completing the online enquiry form. The 9 seater can be for any use personal or private use, charity, sports club, school or other.

Will the Number of Seats Impact the Cost

A quote for a 17 seater minivans will be more expensive than an 11 or 9 seater mini-bus based on the fact that liability for the number of passengers will be greater.  This is one reason why it makes sense to buy a  9 seater if only ever intend to transport 9 passengers , whilst booking the 17 seater will give you that extra space unless you intend using it will not be cost effective as your insurance premium will be greater.

How Does it Work?

By selecting the quick quote option you will be presented with a simply online inquiry form to complete. This will then be circulated to the top UK brokers and specialist brokers, they in turn will provide you with a personalised quote. With 22 plus insures you will have a wide choice and should find a quote that is both cheap , but importantly meets your insurance requirements.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Cover

  • Provide secure parking when off the road.
  • Keep named drivers 25 and over.
  • Volunteer to increase the standard excess amount
  • Pay annually by an automated method such as direct debit.
  • Always compare the costs on the open marketplace when it comes time to renew your vehicle policy. 

9 to 17 Seater Mini Bus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

​Was extremely helpful and outstanding quote, will definitely be recommending” 

Paul Dicks
Charter School

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​Phoned back within minutes, gave me a good quote that I was able to proceed with, saved me £70 on my normal insurance” 

Mary Black
Family MPV

​Very easy to use I was happy to find cheap insurance, thanks for service” 

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