What vehicle categories can be insured under the minibus insurance policy?

Minibuses with 9 - 17 Seats and MPV's with 6 to 8 Seats

Can I have more than 1 driver on my policy?

Yes is the answer, you can either add named drivers or select any driver in so doing the price of your insurance may increase as a result.,

What are the seat belt requirements when driving a minibus?

Minibuses carrying three or more children, aged at least 3 but less than 16 years, on organised trips or to and from school are required to be fitted with forward facing seats and seatbelts. These requirements also apply to coaches but not to buses. The law requires either 2-point (lap) or 3-point (lap and diagonal) belts to be fitted. 3-point belts provide better protection in the event of an accident than 2-point belts, although 2-point belts are better than no belts at all. Further information click here please.

What type of licence do I need?

Passed your drivers test before Jan 1997? 

If you passed your car driving test before 1 January 1997, you automatically gained a licence with Category B and D1 entitlement, or Groups A and B on older licences, qualifying you to drive minibuses as well as private cars

Passed your drivers test after Jan 1997? 

If you pass the car driving test on after 1 January 1997, you no longer automatically gain a licence with Category D1 minibus entitlement. You will need to pass the additional Category D1 test to drive minibuses, together with the standard theory test and a medical examination. If you are willing to do this, your school or LEA should make all the necessary arrangements and meet the costs of the training, test and medical report. Paid time off should be given for all these matters.

What if the minibus has been modified?

If you change original seating plan of your vehicle you must re-register the minibus with DVLA to advise the new seating capacity.

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