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The first step in researching the cost of any vehicle insurance is to get multiple quotes from underwriters. We offer you the option to receive multiple quotes from top UK brokers that include Wrightsure insurance group, Mercury, RIVIERA insurance and One Insurance Solution, sometimes in a matter of minutes. How? By selecting the Get Quote button. It’s as simple as that! Click Get Quote above to get started.

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Commercial Cover

Compare  Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

Minibus Safety Tips Courtesy of the DVSA View More Here

Be Careful when Purchasing Minibus Insurance Online

Minibus insurance is a specific insurance aimed at minibuses that carry passengers normally 8 or more, one of the common mistakes that can happen is that you end up with van insurance which means you are not correctly covered. As we deal exclusively with this type of insurance you will be reassured that the quotes you receive are for minibuses or MPV's.  We also insure private hire or taxi minibuses, this option is available on the quote page. Using a specialist insurance comparative web site provider for example would be advisable.




Need to purchase School minibus or is it time for the renewal of your existing policy? We can provide you with custom quotes from top UK brokers. How? Simply select the Get Quote option below and complete one inquiry form. Sit back and the quotes will be collated and sent direct to your in box! 


Charity Minibus Insurance

Run or manage a charity and need to reduce the costs of your charity mini bus cover? We can help by not only providing advise on ways to reduce your premium, but also by providing you with tailored competitive quotes from leading UK brokers that specialise in charity cover.  


Whatever the sport we can provide you with multiple budget insurance quotes for your sports club. Select Get Quote and complete the inquiry form we will share your request with a panel of UK specialist broker companies, giving you not only the best possible quote, but additional guidance to reduce costs. 

The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents Check

 Exterior Safety Check

  • Check all lights including indicators and brake lights. 
  • Check brake fluid levels.
  • Windscreen and washer fluid check.
  • Tyre pressure and the thread depth which should be a minimum 3 mm ( don't forget the spare).
  • Oil level check.
  • Check the coolant level.

Ollie the Latest Driverless  MPV is Currently in Test

What is Classed as a Minibus ? 

A vehicles with between 9 and 16 seats including the drivers seat will generally be classed as a minibus.

A vehicles with 16 seats or more is normally classified as a coach or bus.

We offer insurance for commercial and private vehicles and multi purpose vehicles (MPV's) these vehicles normally seat from 6 to 9 passengers.

What type of licence do I need to drive a minibus? 

  • Driving licence held before 1st January 1997

If  you have held your driver's licence before 1st of Jan 1997 you should have Category D1 included on your licence. D1 translates into being able to drive a vehicle with up to 16 passenger seats without undergoing any additional tests, also look for a code (101) which should be printed next to D1. 101 translates into you may drive, but not if it involves hire for reward.

  • Driving licence held after 1st January 1997.

D1 Category should not be shown on a licence dated after the first of Jan 1997 and as a result the holder is not able to drive a minibus without undergoing additional training and passing an additional driving test geared toward minibus driving. An exception does exists for holders of a full category B (car) driving licence which upon meeting a set of conditions detailed below will entitle the holder to drive a vehicle that has a maximum of 16 passenger seats. 

Compare at Least 3 Insurance Providers at Renewal Time or when insuring for the First Time   

The first step in researching the costs of vehicle insurance is to get multiple quotes from a multitude of underwriters. We offer you the option to receive multiple quotes, sometimes in a matter of minutes. How? By selecting the Quick Quote button. It’s as simple as that! Click Quick Quote below to get started. Did you know that our select panel of underwriters include leading names in this specialist sector such as Aviva (Norwich Union), Tradex, HBCS insurance, Groupama and Brit to name a few. 

Compare  Minibus Insurance with multiple UK Specialists Brokers

Minibus NI

If need a quote for minibus insurance in Northern Ireland (NI ) ?  We have local NI brokers waiting to provide you with exclusive quotes for private hire or personal minivan today.

Nursing Home 

Nursing home insurance is available from multiple UK underwriters, we are able to bring to you direct multiple quotes from over 20 UK based brokers.


Enter your requirements for private or personal MPV insurance and receive a range of qualified quotes from established panel of uk underwriters in a matter of minutes. Why wait select the quick quote and start comparing.  

Services Provided

Minibus as a form of transport for family or private hire is growing fast in popularity as are the number of specialist insurance brokers that can provide quotes to cover you on the road and include:

  • Policies for any drivers age 21 to age 70.
  • Fully comprehensive cover, third party only or third party with fire and theft.
  • Cover for both Minibuses and MPV's for both private, business and charitable usage.
  • Breakdown cover and replacement vehicle dependant upon insurance terms.
Tips to Lower Your Minibus Fuel Consumption
Fuel prices are rising and it doesn’t appear that that is going to change anytime soon. While there is nothing the average driver can do about this, there are indeed a few ways that you can save on fuel consumption and thus save money.
New VW Minibus
VW is pushing hard to become the leading manufacturer of all electric vehicles with rumours that they may build their very own mega battery plant to provide the power to run these vehicles. In so doing they are putting distance between them and the recent Volkswagen diesel engine scam. Below we have listed some of the new concepts for their futuristic Kombi minibus come cargo van that have been unveiled to the public at the recent Paris motor show.
Minibus Insurance Average Cost
Over time minibuses have gained increased popularity in the private sector, given the current drive quality which is now similar to driving a car plus the the capability to seat from 9 to 16 people in comfort makes the purchase of a minibus in the UK an attractive option over the traditional car. The average cost has also increased steadily.
Any Driver Minibus Insurance
Any driver minibus insurance offers obvious advantages, but at the same time will likely increase the cost of your minibus insurance policy. Another option to consider is named driver minibus insurance. Named drivers can normally be any age over 21 to over 75. The number of named drivers is normally capped at 3 but does vary from underwriter to underwriter.
Minibus driving safety tips
You should be familiar with the minibus assigned to you and ensure that you take care of it as though it were your own. You should also inspect your minibus regularly. Before embarking on any trip, ensure that you inspect it, checking the brakes, oil, water, and lights among other important parts to ensure that they are in the best working condition or level.
Safe Adventures with Ford Transit Minibus
You may be the driver or the passenger in the Ford Transit minibus. The seats of both the passenger and drivers are comfortable so they both get to enjoy the bus' efficiency. The interior of the Ford Transit minibus is stylishly designed contemporarily with detailed, eye-catching features to entertain you through your journey. Accompanied with high-tech lights, you'll enjoy the bright and better visibility Ford Transit minibus comes in.

Compare  Minibus Insurance with 20 + UK Specialists Brokers

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